For Insurances, Member-based Organizations and Benefits Providers

We partner with insurers, benefits providers, employers (large and small) and other member-based organizations to bring our services to patients. For these entities, we facilitate online second opinions across all specialties at top academic medical centers.

Our second opinion services can be included into existing benefit plans, policies, and member benefits to:

  • Drive better outcomes
  • Bring differentiated value to policyholders, employees and members
  • Improve cost control, by triggering cost savings and cost avoidance
  • Provide a highly valued benefit at low cost

We tailor our services to meet your needs, provide competitive pricing, and consistently deliver the highest quality second opinions.

When facing a challenging diagnosis, involvement of appropriate medical specialists through a second opinion has shown to:

  • Refine or correct the original diagnosis in up to 88%
  • Have major impact on patient outcomes in up to 58% of cases

(Mayo Clinic, 2017)

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