For physicians - second opinion consultation

The rapidly advancing intersection of technology and medical expertise allows physicians to share their patient cases, develop international treatment networks, and collaborate to ensure all available treatment approaches are offered to a patient.

A second medical opinion can provide refined or additional treatment approaches. Even if it does not sigificantly change the original treatment plan, this gives peace of mind to patients and their families and has shown to increase commitment to treatment. Patients feel a strengthened partnership with their treating physicians, reassurance in the treatment plan and improved commitment to care.

Why should I partner with an International Cancer Center?

Treatment approaches differ - help your patient find the one that fits her/him best. Medicine constantly evolves, and with the advent of novel treatments and genetic testing, cancer care is becoming increasingly personalized.

Telemedicine has grown rapidly with COVID-19. It has tremendous potential to improve accessibility to medical care and to facilitate international knowledge exchange. It offers a new way to engage with top colleagues from around the world to review a diagnosis and find the best treatment approach for your patient.

An independent international second opinion will broaden your global medical network and offer a platform to openly discuss challenging patient cases.

Online second opinions

Excellent healthcare necessitates a team approach.

In an increasingly interconnected world, telemedicine offers an additional tool to deliver comprehensive medical advice to your patients. Partnering with us, you will enhance your professional network by connecting with other top physicians in your field.

We connect you to top cancer centers such as the Harvard-affiliated Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. That way, each institution stands behind the second medical opinion they provide through their interdisciplinary specialists.

Will I be compensated for participating in the second opinion process?

Summarizing and organizing patient medical records and reports is a challenging, time consuming task. We value your time and commitment and therefore, you will be compensated. Having you, the treating physician, involved in the process will ensure that the highest quality second opinion will be provided. Contact us for more details.