Frequently Asked Questions

Seeking a second opinion is common practice in many countries and most physicians are not insulted if their patients get one. In fact, it is standard medical practice to get another opinion. Doctors do it all the time as part of the process of diagnosing a rare disease or when making challenging treatment decisions. Physicians also recognize that treatment approaches differ from institution to institution and between countries.
Patients are responsible for all charges, and payment is due at the time of consult request. Patients are encouraged to reach out to their health insurance provider to discuss if full or partial reimbursement of the costs are provided.
While we make every effort to accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee that a particular doctor will be available to review your records. Regardless of which doctor reviews your case, you can be confident that he or she has highly specialized expertise.
If no further testing or additional documents are needed, your second opinion should be ready within 2 weeks.
We link you to the Harvard-affiliated hospitals; their experienced medical team will determine which specialist is best qualified to provide the second opinion after carefully reviewing your case. This specialist is a Board Certified, Harvard University faculty physician and a recognized leader in your specific type of cancer. In most cases, this will be an oncologist but depending on your needs it can also be a geneticist, a radiotherapist, a surgeon or other specialist. In comparison to most other services, we at Global Second Opinion do not select your doctor, nor do we partner with individual physicians. This allocation system guarantees the best possible match so that you will get the same high quality care and advice as if you traveled to Boston for your medical visit.