Second opinion cost and coverage

We work jointly with local partners to bring our services to patients. If you are an individual patient or physician seeking a second opinion, please contact us for pricing details:

Our services include:

  • Translation of medical reports and documents
  • Sorting and transfer of translated medical reports and documents to the Harvard-affiliated Hospitals and Clinics
  • Expert review and provision of your Second Opinion including specific answers to your questions. The expert reviewing your case is:
  • A recognized leader in your specific type of disease
  • A Harvard University faculty physician
  • Unbiased and independent
  • Meeting the highest level of continuous education, training and clinical knowledge in the field (Board Certified)
  • Translation of your second opinion report into your language of preference

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Why is it important to get a second opinion, what our patients say

Being diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer was a life-changing event. I was lucky to have a fantastic oncologist who walked me through the decision making process (…).

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Berta M.
Madrid, Spain

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 42. I sought a second opinion regarding the duration of hormone treatment from Harvard’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute (…).

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Maria S.
Barcelona, Spain

My friend was undergoing cancer treatment and her outlook was devastating. Her doctors told her that she would not live to see her daughter enter primary school. I had heard about the option to get a second opinion from a Harvard-affiliated Cancer Center (…).

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Nicole B.
Vienna, Austria